Sailing with Captain Sal aboard the adorable Wende was truly a wonderful experience! Thank you for providing a perfect day for our family reunion - the smooth sailing, the scenery (with the majestic Mayon Volcano as the backdrop, there was even a complete rainbow by the shore!), the snorkeling, the scuba dives, and of course, the great hospitality of the ebullient “Pirate of Sula!” All these and more made an experience of a lifetime! Sailing with Captain Sal on Wende is worth a bucket list for everyone!
— Felino / Seattle, WA, USA
Been with the pirate twice and quite an awesome experience. The captain is so jolly that calms me since I am very afraid of deep water. Thanks captain SAL. Til next sailing again!
— Annie / Legazpi City, Philippines
Sailing with Pirate Sal on his boat is an amazing experience! You will feel safe as his mighty sailboat glides on the serene water of the Albay Gulf....the pirate is soooo hospitable, entertaining & charming! Can’t wait to sail again!
— Alma / Legazpi City, Philippines
It was my first time sailing in the Albay Gulf and I loved how there weren’t too many other boats around. It was very peaceful and relaxing. Captain Sal was knowledgeable about where the reefs were. You can see how the color of the water changes and it becomes lighter whenever we would spot a reef. As an ocean enthusiast, I loved that kind of stuff!
— Kate / Seattle, WA, USA
I’ve been sailing for a couple of times now with Captain Steve alongside his hardworking crew in the SV Wende, and I have to say, every sailing trip is always a blast and such a wonderful experience! I don’t think you’ll ever get tired of cruising along the Albay gulf, seeing the beautiful Mayon Volcano on one side, and just relaxing out in the water.
— Corinne / Legazpi City, Philippines